APPT Seoul Main Event: Paik Converts Chiplead Into Victory

The APPT season 10 Seoul Main Event attracted 158 runners to Korea, each of whom bought in for KRW3,000,000 (USD$2,594). This saw the prize pool grow to KRW422,997,600 (USD$365,754) as many star names arrived at the Paradise Walkerhill Casino to play the event, which was hosted between June 23rd and 27th. The 1st prize was set at KRW119,097,600 (USD$102,980).

Action unfolds

Days 1a and 1b saw the field slashed to just 61 players, with bust outs occurring at a steady pace through the day. Kosei Ichinose didn’t make it to day 2, but other Pokerstars pros Celina Lin, Bryan Huang and Chen An Lin were flying the flag, at least temporarily. Unfortunately they all hit the rail on day 2. While some players had worse journeys than others, few will have had a better one than Albert Paik. The Korean-American pro led the standings at the end of day 1a and bagged up the second largest stack at the end of day 2. He then brought the largest stack to the final table, before turning his chip advantage into victory. While there weren’t any star names at the final table, the exploits of Albert Paik were certainly newsworthy in their own right.

Final Table (Long Guan – Photo PokerStars)

Final table concludes

As the competitors assembled for the final table, the title was by no means a sure thing for Paik, as his chip lead was certainly not monstrous. He carried 952,000 into the fray, while his nearest challenger Shenghua Qian held 771,000. Tetsuro Tomita held the third largest stack coming into the final day and unusually, the final result strongly echoed the starting stacks. Tomita fell in 3rd, and Qian was left to duel with Paik for the title.

Shenghua Qian (Long Guan – Photo PokerStars)

It was an uphill task for Paik too, as Qian began heads up play with a 2 to 1 chiplead, but a large double up soon turned the tide. Paik was able to clinch the victory in what was very almost a rare situation of leading at the end of each day through the duration of the tournament. He was clearly a deserving winner, and will be delighted to be taking home KRW119,097,600 (USD$102,980).

Albert Paik (Photo Long Guan courtesy of PokerStars)

The full final table payouts are as follows:

1st Albert Paik – KRW119,097,600 (USD$102,980)
2nd Shenghua Qian – KRW69,346,000 (USD$59,961)
3rd Tetsuro Tomita – KRW44,871,000 (USD$38,798)
4th Ken Hirosawa – KRW34,673,000 (USD$29,980)
5th Michael Egan – KRW28,554,000 (USD$24,689)
6th Satsuki Ochiai – KRW23,455,000 (USD$20,280)
7th Windsor Nguyen – KRW 19,376,000 (USD$16,753)

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