APPT10 Manila Main Event – Day 1A Chip Counts

Last Name First Name Chip Count
Chien Jen-yen 286,900
Pepper Gareth Mcdonagh 141,100
Hun Sok Meng 131,500
Powell Curtis 124,700
Tran Linh 123,600
Murata Keiju 123,300
Leonarez Jessie 114,700
Yong Jin Hwang 111,900
Olsson Per Douglas 111,400
Garberg Markus 111,300
Angeles Rommel 109,600
Kang William 108,500
Lim Chin Wei 105,600
Larsen Thomas Kung-chun 105,100
Park Jason 103,100
Huang Bryan 101,500
Heng Siong Boon 100,800
Ortiz Bertrad 100,000
Ristivojevic Nikola 96,300
Gupta Piyush 95,800
Kim Namhun 94,100
Lo Jason Wai Tung 93,600
Lee Alex Xiang Wei 92,200
Zhu Yaxi 86,600
Peters Andre 85,800
Park Min Jae 81,900
Nishida Takaaki 79,800
Cowley Steven 78,000
Burns Simon Mark 77,400
Labouchardiere Thomas David 74,600
Torno Jr Renato 74,400
Thoo Ming Ken 72,000
Clot Sebastien 70,800
Kosugi Wataru 68,400
Lim Jongmin 63,700
Gorbunov Vitalii 62,000
Razavi Samad 61,600
Galang Michael 61,000
Lin Chen-an 54,000
Ye Kejie 49,200
Michael Perry John 48,300
Jeon Seung Soo 47,500
Lane Gregory 46,800
Tan Travers 42,400
Agdas Ayhan 41,000
Karlsson Petter Magnus 40,800
Rivera Czardy 40,400
Megalmani Vinod 39,400
Ang Kevin Kar Wai 33,900
Satouchi Misaki 32,500
Tech John 30,800
Alinat Alain Florent 29,200
Nguyen Van Sang 29,000
Wee Chyuan Seng 22,600
Bueza Michael 22,200
Kurashina Kenji 22,100
Goh Gerald Huk Cher 20,800
Han Heedon 19,600
Chia Joachim 18,400
Ortanez Christian Rafael 16,400
Ichinose Kosei 16,300
Chang Carlos 9,900

Cover Photo Long Guan courtesy of PokerStars

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