APL Latest: Main Event Attracts 465 Entries

As was hoped, the final day 1 flight of the Asia Poker League Main Event in Beijing brought in a good crowd of players.

Here is a closer look at the APL Main Event by numbers:

The 5 starting days in numbers

– 178 – Entries for day 1E. Comfortably the largest of all the starting day flights, and enough to ensure that there wasn’t a large overlay. Wang Jing is the day 1E chip leader after finishing the day with 306,000.

Chipleader Day 1D
Wang Jing

465– Final figure for the Main Event field size. 465 entries for an inaugural event in a recently formed project is an excellent achievement. Legal tournaments such as this one will help build player confidence in future live events across mainland China, provided that they are organised in the correct way.

APL beeijing

– 2 Ladies – The top 2 spots on the overall chip counts are occupied by 2 ladies. Xu Hong Dan topped day 1D, and the overall field with 385,000. Hot on her heels is Zhang Chen Xu, who accumulated 323,000 during day 1A.

Xu Hong Dan bags up the biggest stack
Xu Hong Dan

67 –  The total Number of Survivors who will be coming back to contest day 2 of the Main Event.

67 players qualified for Day 2

4 International players to day 2: International players who will be a part of the day 2 field. Local players have been dominant through most of the series, with Team Vietnam’s victory in the team event being a notable exception. The composition of tables at the start of day 2 will reflect a Chinese prevalence here. Of the 4 non-Chinese players who are still standing, Singapore’s Li Hanbin leads the way and is 9th in the chip counts. There are 3 Korean nationals in the chasing pack.

Day 2 Chip Counts

Name Country Chip Counts
1 Xu Hong Dan China 358000
2 Zhang Chen Xu China 323000
3 Wang Jing China 306000
4 Li Qingsong China 266000
5 Shan Junda China 253000
6 Tao Qiang China 237000
7 Liu Yandong China 223000
8 Wang Xiang Wei China 219000
9 Li Hanbin Singapore 217000
10 Lin Jian China 210000
11 Liu Qiang China 197000
12 Zhong Zichen China 192000
13 Pang Wentao China 187000
14 Li Huabing China 184000
15 Sun Bo China 180000
16 Kim Chi Yan Korea 179000
17 Mao Zhuojie China 177000
18 Bao Jun China 165000
19 Liu Junda China 162000
20 Chen Fan China 154000
21 Chen Xuefeng China 153000
22 Zhang Junjie China 151000
23 Long Guojun China 150000
24 Li Kexin China 149000
25 Ten Paiv China 147000
26 wang jun China 144000
27 Liu Jie China 144000
28 Wang Yueyuan China 142000
29 Zhao Gang China 141000
30 Chen Cancan China 141000
31 Wu Haoyan China 137000
32 Qi Tiansheng China 137000
33 Shen Chao China 133000
34 Gao Wei China 129000
35 Zhao Yu China 127000
36 Lin Xin China 126000
37 Tang Dezhi Korea 125000
38 Wang Zhong China 124000
39 Yun Sheng China 122000
40 Deng Zhe China 120000
41 Wang Rong China 118000
42 Ma Zedao China 117000
43 Gao Shang China 115000
44 Duan Kaiwen China 113000
45 Zhang Ning China 111000
46 Ma Jun China 109000
47 Li Yunfei China 106000
48 Cheng Ningning China 101000
49 Shi Li China 101000
50 Wang Guofeng China 100000
51 Zhou Tong China 97000
52 Song Wanjun China 91000
53 Wang Yuping China 90000
54 Wang Pei China 83000
55 Xie Weijian China 77000
56 Wang Yong China 74000
57 Huang Yong Qiang China 74000
58 Chen Yi China 73000
59 He Ming China 64000
60 Shi Dawei China 59000
61 FV130 China 57000
62 Feng Wanbin China 54000
63 Pan Shifeng China 52000
64 Wang Weiwei China 45000
65 Li Fangyu China 38000
66 Hyeon Wooan Korea 38000
67 Wu Sai China 14000

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