AJPC ASIAN CIRCUIT – Deep Stack Schedule

The AJPC ASIAN CIRCUIT – Deep Stack will be held from October 10 to the 14th, at the Paradise City Incheon, South Korea.


Thursday Oct 10th
1:00PM #1 Warm Up 220,000(200,000+20,000)
6:00PM #2 Opening Event 330,000(300,000+30,000)
Friday Oct 11th
1:00PM #3 Monster Deep Turbo 330,000(300,000+30,000)
2:00PM SP1 第1回 日刊ゲンダイ杯 最強戦
6:00PM #4 AJPC Deep Stack 550,000(500,000+50,000)
9:00PM #5 Crazy KO Bounty 330,000(150,000+150,000+30,000)
Saturday Oct 12th
12:00PM SP2 第2回 日刊ゲンダイ杯 最強戦
1:00PM #6 AJPC KO Bounty 550,000(400,000+100,000+50,000)
6:00PM #7 ★Main Event – Day1 1,100,000(1,000,000+100,000)
Sunday Oct 13th
11:00AM #7 ★Main Event – Day2
2:00PM #8 SAMURAI”侍” Deep 550,000(500,000+50,000)
#9 Flip Out 100,000(90,000+10,000)
8:00PM #10 High Roller Turbo 3,000,000(2,750,000+250,000)
9:00PM #11 HKGC CrazyKO Bounty 440,000(200,000+200,000+40,000)
Monday Oct 14th
1:00PM #7 ★Main Event – Day3 Final
1:00PM #12 Final Monster 770,000(700,000+70,000)
6:00PM #13 High Roller Turbo 2,000,000(1,920,000+180,000)
6:00PM #14 Last Event 550,000(500,000+50,000)

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